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IKat Weaving Cultural Heritage from Sumba Island

Weaving Ikat from East Sumba

Sumba ikat weaving, especially East Sumba, has a wide variety of patterns and motifs when compared to other regions that produce ikat weaving. The centers for ikat craftsmen in East Sumba are scattered in several places and each place has its unique patterns and motifs.
Weaving from Sumba
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Several ikat production centers can be visited and at the same time watch the craftsmen working on the ikat. These places include: 
1. Kambra Center This production center is located in Raja Parailiu Village, Kamba village, East Sumba. In this production center, there are 18 patterns of ikat, including skull, lion, rooster, shrimp, crocodile, turtle, sun, and moon. 

2. Kanatang Center The second production center is Kanatang, East Sumba, where there are three main patterns, namely: deer which in Sumbanese is called ruha, lion or mahang and cockatoo. The pattern depicted by the nature of the Suma people's ikat suggests a philosophy of life, such as the cockatoo reflecting deliberation or consensus. 

3. Umalulu Center Umalulu center is located in Pau village, while in the neighboring village, Patawang village, it is also a center for ikat craftsmen. In both centers In production, eight patterns can be found, including skull monuments, patula Ratu, another name for Patola weaving, flying lizards or habaku, butterfly crocodiles, shrimp, deer, and turtles. However, of all of them, the most expensive are the Lau Pahikung Kawuru pattern and the Lau Pahikung Pakaparty pattern and pattern. 

4. Sentra Rindi. Here there is a traditional village called Praiyawang, located about 70 km east of the city of Waingapu. In this Praiyawang traditional village, tourists can see the tombs of kings filled with symbols. The same symbols can be seen in several patterns of ikat weaving at Rindi's production center, including the skull monument, lion, shrimp, and flying lizard. 

5. Kaliuda Center The next ikat production center is Kaliuda, which is located about 120 KM to the south of Waingapu city. Several pattern motifs are found in this area such as roosters, birds, and horses with the basic colors being red, white, or black.

Weaving Ikat from West Sumba

One of the centers for weaving craftsmen in West Sumba is Lombu village, Wewewa Tengah sub-district, West Sumba district.
West Sumba Ikat Weaving
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West Sumba ikat has a distinctive pattern with simple and static motifs such as lines, geometric shapes, flowers, and plants. Ikat motifs in the West Sumba area are generally small and slightly abstract. In the weaving worn by men, the motifs are often in the form of lines, dots, and mamoli on the edges. While the motifs contained in the original women's cloth are rhombus (buffalo eyes) and triangles (horse’s tail). 
These motifs were adopted from the objects given by the men when proposing to a girl (belis). Mamoli which reflects the sexuality of women is drawn on the weaving of the men, while the eyes of a buffalo and the tail of a horse which are masculine symbols are depicted on the weaving worn by women. At traditional events, these two weaving are always present in pairs as a picture of a balanced transaction.

Weaving Ikat from South West Sumba

In Southwest Sumba Regency, three major tribes are still actively weaving, namely Loura, Kodi, and Wewewa.
Ikat Weaving from South West Sumba
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These three tribes have their unique style and different color tendencies. For example, ikat weaving in the Kodi Tribe is dominant in black, while in the Loura and Wewewa tribes it tends to be colorful. The typical motif of Southwest Sumba ikat uses the mamuli variety, which is a symbol of purity and fertility. In addition, the typical woven fabric of Southwest Sumba also uses a lot of images of Uma Kalada or a large house typical of a traditional building with a tower roof.

How to Get There

Sumba Island, is located south of the island of Flores, the two islands are separated by the Sumba Strait, Sumba Island is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province.
Map of West of Sumba Province
Source : Google map
Getting to the island of Sumba cannot be done by direct flight, alternatively you have to choose a flight

Choice of flights to the island of Sumba

a. From Ngurah-Rai Airport, Denpasar Bali for Waingapu, East Sumbawa 
b. From Kupang Airport on Flores island, destination Waingapu, East Sumba You can check the information here:

Ships, as an alternative to the island of Sumba

The choice of ship and port of departure. 
a. From Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya to Waingapu Port, East Sumba. Check ship schedule and ticket prices here
b. From Benoa port, Bali island, destination Waingapu Sumba island, check boat schedule: 
c. From Labuan Bajo (Flores island) to Waingapu, Sumba island with a ticket range of IDR 120,000 - or even 
d. From Kupang City (Timor island) to Waingapu Sumba Island by (KM) Ile Ape 
e. From the port of Sape in Bima, Sumbawa to Waingapu, Sumba island. 

3. Information on tourist attractions 

There's a lot to see there that can inspire your content on the island of Sumba, it's a shame you've come to Sumba if you don't visit the natural attractions that have been recommended, there are many choices of natural attractions that you can visit, check here:

Information on where to stay

If you are adventurous as a backpacker traveler, local food is available with a price range of 15 thousand to 20 thousand rupiahs (approximately US $ 1.5) per meal. The price range for lodging is between 165 thousand - 200 thousand rupiah (about US $ 15 - US $ 20) per night, to be sure you check here:

Travel Tips

The right time to visit Sumba Island is during the dry season which is around May to August so you are free to do your journey. It's better if you use the services of a local guide, so you can do maximum visits efficiently. From your guide, you usually know and understand what local customs can and can't do there, so you don't violate local customs. 

Prepare a Telkomsel provider card because for, the time being, the Telkomsel signal is the best with a stable network. Prepare physically, like doing other trips then it will drain your energy, so prepare physically well. Remind yourself to take any light medication that usually helps in an emergency or any other medication prescribed by your doctor.


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