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Look Elegant and Cool with the innovation of Kebaya Made from Jumputan Fabric

Classic kebaya with elegant jumputan fabric

Both of these kebaya outfits use the same material, the same manufacturing technique, but have a different style approach. The material used in making this kebaya comes from the pattern of the fabric which is made using the jumputan technique (color dyeing) to produce a random pattern but in a regular rhythm.

Jumputan cloth or some call it rainbow cloth, these two mentions refer to the resulting pattern. In jumputan fabrics, usually the basic color of the fabric dominates the overall color on the surface of the fabric, while in rainbow fabrics the colors on the fabric surface are almost entirely colored by the color dyeing process, usually with a larger dyeing motif.

This coloring technique can be said to be simple but requires patience in doing it. This fabric is the result of handicrafts made manually, starting to make pattern grooves on the surface of the fabric, then the fabric is picked up and tied. The ends of the cloth that have been tied are then dipped one by one in a liquid that has been given a dye (tie and dye), after that the cloth is rinsed and dried in the air.

To obtain maximum jumputan results, the selection of fabric materials is very important, suitable fabrics to be used in this jumputan technique are fabrics that have a soft texture, fall well, and can absorb color (in the dyeing process) well. The chosen fabric is also comfortable to wear, selecting the type of fabric then choice will lead to cotton or silk fabrics.

Innovasion of kebaya Indonesia

For the classic kebaya style, the appearance is generally equipped with a scarf as a shoulder decoration, a shawl with the same color and pattern as the kebaya material can be an option or a scarf with the twin colors and patterns of the jarit batik material will also look harmonious.

You can choose a suitable pattern of batik for subordinates as a finger, but try to use a dominant color that matches the jumputan kebaya color. The combination of the soft texture of the kebaya material with the jumputan pattern when combined with the right batik jarit cloth will give a thick classic impression.

As you know, identical kebayas are made in body fit sizes, so appearing with kebaya makes the aura more charming and elegant, far from vulgar. Apart from that, wearing a kebaya will unconsciously make you get carried away by the spirit of the kebaya dress, which requires gestures and a style that looks cool. Maybe that's why the palace, especially in Java, adopted the kebaya as women's clothing in the palace environment and this adoption has been going on since the introduction of the kebaya dress.

You can also make jumputan cloth as a material for making kebayas with other, more innovative styles and models, which are adapted to contemporary fashion styles. It doesn't matter what it is as long as there is a meaning of kebaya there, you will get a calm and elegant impression.

Take a look at the photo below, Kebaya is made with collar folds and collar cutouts taking a V shape collar, this kind of kebaya adopts the Kebaya Encim style or some call it Kebaya Betawi.

Innovasion of kebaya

With three-quarter sleeve length accented with pleats at the cuffs to align the pleats at the collar. The front of the kebaya is closed without using a bef but closes it by directly linking the left and right sides which are buttoned with a pin with a small brooch decoration.

To give a dynamic impression of the front of the kebaya using jumputan with other color patterns, the length of the kebaya is made only to the middle of the pelvis so that the back does not completely cover the buttocks.

The bottoms that are used are not batik like the classic jarit model that must be wrapped in how to wear it but are made more practical by adopting the form of a side skirt with a front slit up to knee height. The combination as a subordinate also uses jumputan fabrics that are chosen in the exact pattern that covers the front of the kebaya, inserts of jumputan fabrics in other colors adorn the center of the skirt folds. The hairdo does not use a bun (in fact it looks funny when you combine it with a conventional hairdo), but rather applies an indie vine style.

By still paying attention to the conditions and situations, if you wear this style of kebaya, you can go to work or study with confidence.


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